Meeting or failing the demand in journalism

Meeting or failing the demand in journalism

News Clippings
News Clippings, Taken by carmichaellibrary

 In 2009, 150 newspapers shutdown, 10,000 newspaper jobs were lost and circulation among top newspapers dropped 7 to 20 per cent, according to Business Insider. With facts like these, the print industry seems to be headed into a downhill plummet with no way of turning back. But some argue that the future isn’t as dark as it appears.

“This isn’t the only time in the history of journalism that things have changed a lot,” says Gene Allen, a journalism professor at Ryerson University.  He mentions  The Daily, an iPad exclusive newspaper, launched Feb. 2. 2011. Can we call it a newspaper if it has no ink and no paper, says Allen.  

No one really knows. The shape of print is changing so rapidly it has become impossible to define. Maybe it doesn’t need to be.

Alfred Siew, a communication professor at the National University of Singapore says people are demanding more news, depth and interaction.

“When it comes to opportunities, what I tell my students  is that today, you don’t need a platform to be read if you want to be a journalist,” says Siew. “If you are good – and that’s a big if – you will get your readers.”

The death of print doesn’t mean the death of journalism. There are still plenty of hardworking journalists who are in full, waking view of the changing demand and are scrambling to meet it.

 “We’re being forced to evolve so quickly now because we didn’t worry enough over the last decade or two, and I think this transformation — as tough as it is — will make journalism stronger,” says Tyler Dukes, blogger for

 “Like every other industry, we can meet that demand and succeed,” says Dukes. “Or we can fail. But that’s up to us.”

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