How to reject a royal wedding

How to reject a royal wedding

Royal Wedding Invitation
Royal Wedding Invitation Taken by shannonpatrick17

Out of 1,099 guests attending the royal wedding at the end of April, there has to have been some people who turned down an offer to attend. An invitation to the royal wedding needs a blue-blood worthy rejection. Here are the excuses some people have used (or could try to use) to skip out on the occasion of the generation.

My dog ate it:

British it-girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson told Hello! magazine this week that her family dog got his teeth into the royal invitation. The long-time friend of Prince Charles is still planning on attending the wedding.

I’m leading a brutal crackdown:

The King of Bahrain was faxed an invitation to the wedding by the Queen, shocking many around the world. King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa is currently leading a brutal crackdown against pro-democracy campaigners that has been criticized by the UN. Al Khalifa has declined the invitation. It’s not sure why he was invited in the first place.

I might be in jail:

Princess Diana’s niece, Lady Amelia Spencer, might’ve had to use this excuse after she was charged with common assault for flicking a cigarette at a man on crutches and then kicking and hitting him outside a McDonald’s in Cape Town. Luckily, the charges were dropped and the 18-year-old will be able to attend.

Your grandmother is a mean old b****:

Sir Elton John called the Queen a “mean old b****” in a Saturday Night Live sketch April 3. He is one of the few celebrities invited to the wedding and is still planning to attend.

I’m not injured:

New Zealand All Black Richie McCaw turned down an invitation to because it doesn’t fit into his schedule.  He was honoured to receive an invitation but he needs to get back to playing, he told the New Zealand Herald.

“Had I still been injured and it had not been a World Cup year, then I’m sure things would have been different,” McCaw told the New Zealand Herald.

I’m in the middle of an election:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife had to turn down an invitation as the current federal election is set to end just three days after the wedding. The rejection has ended speculation on the political ramifications of a campaigning politician attending such a high-profile event.

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