Love is Free

Love is Free

Love is free
Taken from my instagram: nadamico

Love is free.

I saw this in a store window last week and I just had to stop and snap a picture.

Ever since I’ve been wondering: What is this store trying to tell me exactly? Nothing inside the store is free. Although it seems to be trying to sell me this mantra. Do they personally believe that? Are they giving out free hugs inside? What kind of evil marketing ploy is this?

And yet despite so many questions, the ad is true.

Love is free. At least it should be. In it’s true form.

A good book one is famous for defining everything that love is supposed to be: patient, kind, not envious, not proud, not rude…sound familiar?

Interestingly enough, free isn’t listed there. Maybe because it’s just too obvious. How can love be all of the above…for a price? It doesn’t make sense to try to pay for something that should be free. Although I’m sure all of us have tried. Love is free because if it had a price, we wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Thank you Forever 21 for teaching me a lesson that didn’t empty out my wallet. I will return to your store one day. But I think I’ll have to find that love your talking about somewhere else.

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