How to Blog

How to Blog

I’ll admit I have no idea how to blog. Just now I hit publish on this blog and all the text disappeared on me. I thought maybe the universe was sending me a sign. But here’s kickin’ it to the universe.

I don’t know what my writing style is. Or my tone. Am I funny? Am I serious? Am I opinionated?

So many great writers out there are and I’ve often wondered how they do it. I imagine they are the most amazing, gifted, wonderful people in the world. The internet was made to read their witty banter! But me? Oh…I’m not so sure.

This month marks one year since I graduated from university. I don’t have a fancy career job. I had a great, but brief gig as a teleprompter operator but I’ve still stuck with my main retail job that I’ve had for the last three years.

I didn’t have high expectations for immediately finding a job with my journalism degree. I wasn’t worried. I figured things would just play out organically.

But as the anniversary of my graduation has come and gone, I find myself motivated more than ever to find a job. Maybe because I don’t want to ever have to say that my undergrad was a waste. Mostly because I’ve foolishly decided that I refuse to quit looking for my dream job. Even if I have to make it for myself.

So, here’s to blogging again. Hopefully this one saves. I’ve just about used up all the rainbow and unicorn power I could find.

Stay tuned.

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